So it looks like we can definitely confirm you can’t trust your own mother these days, we have it on good evidence everyone is being made into zombies, because of the greatest heist we’ve ever seen in all history, and guess who makes it all possible, the wonderful world of Disney……

It seems like Disney’s interest in privately run prison facilities has grown to bore the ice queen with her foreign privately contracted Prison Warden making easy passes for everyone’s spoiled gangsta trustfund babies to be reprimanded sneaking away from their parents…. But Show some respect, he was definitely the Queens Body Guard after-all. Who are we talking about, anyway if you haven’t noticed, everyone’s imagination is running away with them, of course I can tell you why, and it’s not someone’s young guilty pleasures in the Smithsonian, it’s actually really the Age of Passion, in this case we mean wild crazy, very suitable sex with VR goggles and a little side of genocide.

Technology is absolutely preposterous these days, I mean did you know we really could do this:

But of course we have to torture people and find out how to steal their imagination, so it’s good for us Disney’s been on top of it since at least uh…. 1994 maybe? I only know, because I don’t use mine as much as others so she thinks I have more, but it’s actually D-E-A-T-H!

Several theories have been developed particularly Rebecca Roache who wants to torture people for thousands of years in their minds, so we safely assume Hillary has finally found a place to exact revenge on condescending, chauvinistic men, by killing them in their minds with mobs of Lesbians who can drink their testosterone straight from their spine while they sleep somewhere like Tarturus.

Unfortunately law forbids we can make things happen in time for this huge VR boom with Oculus, Starbreeze and the others, so how can Disney make it happen….Hmmm, well there was that time….. Ah Yes, the D.E.A., definitely would be upset, maybe enough to kill someone for seeing all their deep dark secrets, especially the Rappers.

Which brings into mind, how can you control D.E.A. Rappers while you use them to rapidly advance technology, to make VR Sex possible, hence, “The Gangster Rap Mom Association”…. Believe us, it’s very very real, and their vicious, imagine if they could slide into every single dream and talk to you constantly…. Yes….Yes…. Gangster Rappers will slay and put the ADD in the advent of technology…. Of course, as promised, we basically summed up the general direction of the world into oblivion….. It’s never quite going to be the same, but it definitely makes you want to smoke alot of weed….